About the CCA

Just as the specter of managed care contracting resulted in 'merger-mania' among hospitals in the mid-1990s, so too did community health centers form networks to improve their leverage in negotiating insurance contracts and enhanced patient care coordination.

In 1997, Community Care Alliance, LLC, formed a partnership among the community health centers affiliated with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). Community Care Alliance (CCA) members perceived value in not only being part of a larger contracting unit (the Beth Israel Deaconess Physicians Organization) but also in realizing synergies from collaborative clinical and administrative sharing.

Community Health Centers

BIDMC's affiliated health centers provide care to over 110,000 patients at multiple sites throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Four of the health centers are Section 330 Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), and one, Bowdoin Street Health Center, operates under BIDMC's license.

BIDMC’s licensed and/or affiliated health centers ensure access to primary and specialty care, behavioral health, and oral health for diverse patient populations, including the vulnerable and underserved. BIDMC has a deep appreciation for community health centers, as they are a valuable member of the BIDMC family in the delivery of care, education, and research that truly responds to community needs.