Our Products and Companies

The Technology Ventures Office at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center accelerates the development of our researchers' innovative and ground breaking discoveries by fostering strategic collaborations with industry partners through sponsored research and licensing agreements. It is our focus to establish these types of relationships with industry to further develop and bring BIDMC technologies to market. 

This is a list of selected marketed products derived from technology developed at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.


  • Cohn Stabilizer; Suture System (Genzyme-Acquired by Teleflex) - Dr. William Cohn
  • Blood Clot Filter (Nitinol - Acquired by Bard) - Dr. Morris Simon


  • Male Fertility Kits - (Embryotech) - Dr. Juan Alvarez


  • Recording EEG during MRI (Neurosoft) - Dr. John Ives
  • SMASH MRI enhancement (GE & Siemens) - Dr. Daniel Sodickson


  • Impact™ (Novartis); Optimental™ (Ross)
  • Immuno-Aid™ (McGraw) - Drs. Bruce Bistrian, George Blackburn, Edward Mascioli, and Vigen Babayan


  • Zenapax™ (Roche); Simulect™ (Novartis) - Dr. Terry Strom


  • Patient Site© (Various licensees) - Dr. John Halamka
  • T-Wave Alternans - enhancement to EKG (GE) - Drs. Richard Verrier and Bruce Nearing
  • SNAP/SCORE - Measures NICU quality (Cerner) - Dr. Douglas Richardson


  • Adults with Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease: A Practical Guide for Caregivers - Dr. Julie Moran

Other licensed technology stories: