Arrested maturation of excitatory synapses in autosomal dominant lateral temporal lobe epilepsy. Zhou YD, Lee S, Jin Z, Wright M, Smith SE, Anderson MP. Nat Med. 2009 15(10):1208-14.

Figure 1a) Representative traces showing PPF of evoked MPP-GC postsynaptic currents, a measure of release probability, increases between P17 and P23 in control (WT) mice. ( b) Western blots showing expression of LGI1 and its receptor, ADAM22, between P13 and P25. ( c) Representative traces showing PPF in mature mLGI1 and mature LGI1 OE mice relative to control mice. ( d) Western blot showing expression of 64-kDa LGI1 in LGI1 OE mice and expression of 23-kDa mutant LGI1, marked by an arrow on densitometry traces, in mLGI1 mice. ( e) Quantification of 64-kDa LGI1 protein density (normalized to beta-actin) in WT, LGI1 OE and mLGI1 mice ( n = 7). ( f) Paired-pulse ratio in mature mice after treatment with the Kv1 channel blocker alpha-dendrotoxin (DTX). ( g) Quantification of paired-pulse ratio in WT, mLGI1 and LGI1 OE mice (n = 4 to 25). * P < 0.05; ** P < 0.01; *** P< 0.001. Data represent means +-s.e.m.