Request Services

Customers should contact us via email or phone for any inquiries. Requests will be reviewed and discussed with each investigator to insure appropriate services are provided. Please do not send samples without prior acceptance of a request.

For samples to be analyzed on glycan microarray

Glycan microarray analysis is currently processed following NCFG and CFG request procedures. More information can be found on their respective website. It will be requested from investigator to briefly describe and explain the nature of their projects.

For samples to be analyzed by mass spectrometry

Samples should be stored and transferred the core facility in the best possible conditions (appropriate storage buffer(s) and -80C/dry ice if possible).

Although the quantity of material provided to the core facility can be discussed on a case by case basis we propose the following guideline:

  • Purified glycoprotein: 25 ug minimum, ideally 100 ug.
  • Serum or Plasma: 10 ul minimum, ideally 20 ul.
  • Cells: 5.10^6 cells minimum, ideally 1.10^7 cells.
  • Tissue: 50 mg, ideally 100 mg.

For shipping requests

Requested reagents are shipped overnight via UPS, and on dry ice or ice packs according to storage conditions. Discounts are available for any additional item shipped beyond the first one.