• Spot Array Printer Perkin Elmer
    Contact printer used for printing glycan or protein microarrays.
  • Microarray PrinterScienion
    Non-contact printer used for high precision printing glycan or protein microarrays.
  • ScanArray Pro ScannerMolecular Devices
    Microarray scanner used to quantify fluorescent signals for glycan microarray slides.
  • HPLC Prominence SystemsShimazdu
    Chromatography systems (3 systems) including autosamplers, fluorescence and UV detectors, and fraction collectors to isolate, purify and fractionate glycan compounds for structural analyses and microarray printing.
  • UltraFlex II MALDI-TOF Mass SpectrometerBruker
    Mass spectrometer used for glycan profiling and structural analysis.
  • ICS-3000 Ion Chromatography System – Dionex
    Chromatography system used for glycan composition analysis.
  • Fusion Lumos LC-MS Mass Spectrometry – Thermo
    Mass Spectrometer ssed for oligosaccharide structural analyses and MS-MS analysis.
  • Distribution of Reagents & Materials
    Please inquire for cell lines and antibodies available.