API Documentation and Terms of Use

Information About Our APIs

BIDMC's Online Medical Record offers APIs that developers may incorporate into their applications in accordance with the terms of use and guidelines set forth below. These APIs allow developer applications to look up patients and to request and receive information about the patient.

BIDMC's APIs are intended to be accessible to a broad range of platforms. They are callable via https from any platform that can generate a RESTful request over https and receive and consume a CDA as the response. Platforms that can support this include mobile (iOS and Android), desktop (Windows and MacOS), and web sites written in a variety of web frameworks.

The patient look up API allows you to submit information that will uniquely identify a patient. It returns an identifier that can be used in subsequent calls to request information about the patient. Click here for documentation on the patient lookup API.

The request data API will return data from the Common Clinical Data Set in a summary record formatted according to the Consolidated CDA Release 2.1 Continuity of Care Document (CCD) template. You may request that all data elements be returned or just a subset of data elements. Click here for documentation on the data request API.

To use BIMDC's APIs, you must accept our terms of use and comply with our developer guidelines and requirements. View our terms of use and developer guidelines and requirements.