Our 2020-21 Program

Emerging and senior leaders from both surgical and non-surgical disciplines who are currently pursuing endeavors that promise to dramatically alter the landscape of care for the surgical patient are invited to speak as part of our monthly Surgical Horizons Seminar Series.

Surgical HorizonsUnless otherwise indicated, lectures are held on Thursday afternoons, from 12 noon to 1 pm, until further notice the lectures will be via Zoom Conference.

Please direct any questions to Susan Hagen, PhD, at shagen@bidmc.harvard.edu.

September 17, 2020
Brian M. Wolpin, MD, MPH
"Personalized Detection and Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer"
Division of GI Oncology Brigham & Women's Hospital/Dana Farber Cancer Institute

October 22, 2020
Fadel Adib, PhD
"Enabling Deep-tissue Networking for Miniature Medical Devices"
Signal Kinetics Research Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

November 12, 2020
Omer H. Yilmaz, MD, PhD
"Dietary Regulation of Stem Cell Development and Function"
Department of Biology, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

December 17, 2020
Paulo Martins, MD, PhD, FACS
"Using an siRNA Gene Silencing Strategy for Improving Liver Transplantation"
Department of Surgery, Transplant Surgery
University of Massachusetts Medical School

January 21, 2021
Zara Cooper, MD, MSc, FACS
"Mitigating Racial and Income Disparities in the Treatment of Critically Ill Surgical Patients"
Center for Surgery and Public Health
Brigham & Women's Hospital/HMS

February 18, 2021
Stefani Spranger, PhD
"Local and Systemic Factors that Impact the Tumor-Immune Microenvironment"
Department of Biology, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

March 18, 2021
Ramnik Xavier, MD, PhD
"Impact of the Microbiome on Immunity and Inflammation"
Department of Molecular Biology, MGH/HMS
Immunology and Infectious Disease Program,
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

April 22, 2021
Richard T. Lee, MD
"Stem Cell Transplantation for the Treatment of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases"
Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology
Harvard University

May 20, 2021
Nezam H. Afdhal, MD
"The Importance of Liver Fibrosis in Predicting Disease Progression"
Division of Gastroenterology,Hepatology and Nutrition
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/HMS

Invited June 17, 2021
Amy J. Wagers, PhD
Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology
Harvard University

Previously Recorded Surgical Horizon Lectures
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February 20, 2020

Speaker: Jerrold R. Turner, MD, PhD
Professor of Pathology and Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Topic: Therapeutic Targeting of Tight Junctions in Intestinal Disorders