About Our Radiology Fellowships

KlarmanThe Department of Radiology at BIDMC is affiliated with Harvard Medical School and prides itself on being supportive of its fellows and places strong emphasis on the quality of teaching on a person-to-person basis. We offer fellowships in Abdominal, Breast, Cardiothoracic, Musculoskeletal, Body MRI, and Neuroradiology.

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"I came to the Radiology Department at BIDMC as a medical student in 2013 and as a senior Radiology resident in 2016. It took very little convincing to join as a Cardiothoracic Imaging fellow in 2018 as I was sure I would receive one of the best medical educations in the world for this specialty. My plans of a single fellowship year in a foreign country turned into my signing up for three other BIDMC Radiology fellowships, in pursuit of the ABR alternate pathway, in a place that quickly started feeling like home. I’ve always been very welcomed here and I have learned more than I could have hoped for from people who inspire me day after day, both professionally and personally. Looking back at these years, I can say without hesitation that I've happily gone to work every single day and that I'm still looking forward to what's to come."
–Daniela Marinho Tridente, MD, Clinical Fellow, BIDMC Radiology

BIDMC Radiology Fellowship Experience Video

Jonathan B. Kruskal, MD, PhD, FSAR, FACR, Radiology Chair, BIDMC, welcomes prospective fellows and provides an overview of our highly collaborative, inclusive culture and world-class, Harvard-affiliated fellowship programs.

Current Radiology Fellowships


Abdominal Imaging & Intervention

This ACGME-accredited one year fellowship provides an in-depth abdominal imaging experience utilizing all high-tech imaging modalities.


Breast Imaging

The breast imaging fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is a one-year fellowship with extensive experience in clinical care, research and teaching.


Cardiothoracic Imaging

This one-year fellowship provides involvement in clinical, educational and research thoracic imaging activities and provides excellent preparation for a career in academic radiology or private practice.

Body MRI

Body MRI

This one-year fellowship has intensive involvement in clinical and research MRI activities and is equally suited to prepare for a career in academic radiology and private practice.


Musculoskeletal Imaging & Intervention

This one-year MSK imaging fellowship  provides advanced subspecialty training and skills to two fellows, enabling them to function as expert diagnostic consultants and practitioners.



The Diagnostic Neuroradiology Fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Tufts Medical Center is a one-year accredited program consisting of five fellows.