PGY2 Critical Care Pharmacy Residency

About the Critical Care Pharmacy Residency Program

The PGY2 Pharmacy Residency in Critical Care at BIDMC is designed to transition PGY1 residency graduates from generalist practice to specialized practice focused on the care of critically-ill patients. PGY2 residency graduates exit equipped to be fully integrated members of the interdisciplinary critical care team, able to make complex medication and nutrition support recommendations in this fast-paced environment. Upon successful completion of the program, residents will have achieved the following required educational outcomes, goals, and objectives for the PGY2 Pharmacy Residency in Critical Care:

  • Demonstrate leadership and practice management skills.
  • Optimize the outcomes of critically ill patients by providing evidence-based medication therapy as an integral part of an interdisciplinary team.
  • Demonstrate excellence in the provision of training, including preceptorship, or educational activities for health care professionals and health care professionals in training.
  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to conduct a critical care pharmacy research project.
  • Participate in the management of medical emergencies.
  • Perform quality improvement activities aimed at enhancing the safety and effectiveness. of medication-use processes in the critical care area.
  • Provide formalized critical care medication-related information.
  • Demonstrate additional leadership and practice management skills.
  • Contribute the critical care pharmacy perspective to planning for and/or management of mass casualty events.
  • Demonstrate skills required to function in an academic setting.

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