Our Residents

Eunice Kim, PharmDEunice Kim, PharmD

  • Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA
  • School of Pharmacy: MCPHS University – Boston, MA
  • Clinical Interests: Critical Care, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine
  • Medication Use Evaluation: Safety of peripherally administered vasopressor infusions
  • PGY1 Longitudinal Research: Cardiac events in patients treated with bruton tyrosine kinase inhibitors
  • Favorite thing about living in Boston: Walking through the beautiful parks and exploring the endless food options

Kevin Lin, PharmDKevin Lin, PharmD

  • Hometown: Guangzhou, China / Baltimore, MD
  • Non-Pharmacy Degree(s): BS in Pharmaceutical Science, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University – Guangzhou, China
  • School of Pharmacy: University of Maryland – Baltimore, MD
  • Clinical Interests: Cardiology, Infectious Diseases
  • Medication Use Evaluation: Use of sodium zirconium cyclosilicate for acute hyperkalemia management
  • PGY1 Longitudinal Research: Evaluation of guideline-directed medical therapy at discharge in patients hospitalized with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction
  • Favorite thing about living in Boston: Exploring parks and trying out new restaurants

Aleks Kuznetsov, PharmDAleks Kuznetsov, PharmD

  • Hometown: Pittsford, NY
  • Non-Pharmacy Degree(s): BA in Biology, University of Rochester – Rochester, NY
  • School of Pharmacy: University at Buffalo – Buffalo, NY
  • Clinical Interests: Ambulatory Care, Infectious Diseases, Emergency Medicine
  • Medication Use Evaluation: Evaluation of chemotherapy desensitization tolerance at BIDMC
  • PGY1 Longitudinal Research: Enhancement of medication delivery to patient care areas through optimization of various pharmacy system interventions
  • Favorite thing about living in Boston: Trying new restaurants in the area and exploring the city!

Alex Peterson-Weber, PharmDAlex Peterson-Weber, PharmD

  • Hometown: Madison, WI
  • Non-Pharmacy Degree(s): BS Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Wisconsin – Madison, WI
  • School of Pharmacy: University of Wisconsin – Madison, WI
  • Clinical Interests: Infectious Diseases, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Research, Teaching/Precepting
  • Medication Use Evaluation: Concordance of BIDMC institutional guidelines for the use of letermovir for cytomegalovirus infection prophylaxis in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients
  • PGY1 Longitudinal Research: Use of direct oral anticoagulation in vascular surgery patients
  • Favorite thing about living in Boston: Close proximity to museums, historical sites, good food, and shops