About Our Fellowship Scholar Track

The Scholar Track constitutes an individualized two-year training program based on a specific area of interest. Tracks combine enhanced, focused clinical experiences in a specific field of expertise with scholarly activities so that fellows graduate with specialized clinical training and a unique skill set to launch future career development. Additional infectious diseases rotations at specialty centers, in particular areas of infectious diseases (e.g., STDs, TB, Transplant, Refugee Health) can be arranged. A focused research project relevant to the chosen area of focus is required as part each track.

Identified Training Tracks with Specific Mentors

  • Immunocompromised Host/Transplant Infectious Diseases – Carolyn Alonso, Sabrina Tan, Barbra Blair
  • Microbiology – James Kirby, Stefan Riedel
  • HPV/Anal Dysplasia/High Resolution Anoscopy Training – Ami Multani
  • Medical Education – Wendy Stead
  • Quality Improvement – Mary LaSalvia
  • Addiction and Infectious Diseases – Christopher Rowley
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship - Howard Gold, Chris McCoy
  • Infection Control/Hospital Epidemiology – Sharon Wright, Preeti Mehrotra, Dana Pepe
  • Climate Change and Infectious Diseases – Caleb Dresser, Satchit Balsari

Learn more about these training tracks and their mentorship teams below.