Career Development Opportunities for Fellows

Clinical Conferences and Meetings

Conferences and Career DevelopmentIn addition to rigorous, longitudinal outpatient and inpatient training experiences, fellows participate in a broad array of innovative educational sessions to supplement their clinical training and professional development. These sessions bring together fellows, faculty, and other interdisciplinary providers from across the Divisions and collaborating multidisciplinary teams.

Mindful Mentorship: Goal-Concordant Professional Development in the BIDMC Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program

Our program has a strong commitment to helping each individual fellow pursue training and professional development concordant with their individual career goals. To support this mission, team-based, deliberate, and longitudinal career development is a hallmark of our program. This is achieved through:

Track-Specific Didactics

Although the majority of educational sessions seek to bring all our fellows together, curated didactics have been created to best suit the needs of fellows participating in the Hematology Track and Hematology/Oncology & Hospice and Palliative Medicine Track, respectively. Fellows in all tracks are welcome to participate in any/all sessions, schedules permitting.