In addition to opportunities working in ambulatory clinic sessions and inpatient consult services, fellows are offered a range of educational sessions to supplement their clinical training. They include:

  • Introductory Lecture Series (July-September)
    Intensive introductory lecture series aimed to facilitate the transition to clinical Hematology/Oncology for first-year fellows.
  • New Patient Conference
    Weekly case-based conference presentation, presented by first-year fellows. Detailed case-based discussion of clinicopathologic and therapeutic considerations and including discussion of landmark literature in the relevant disease type.
  • Topics in Oncology
    Weekly faculty- and fellow-led conference emphasizing a broad range of topic- and case-focused discussions relevant to cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. Conferences include “Morbidity, Mortality, and Improvement” and “Molecular Tumor Board.”
  • Clinical Journal Club
    Monthly fellow-led discussions featuring a prominent publication from contemporary hematology/oncology literature.
  • Hematology Conference (October-May)
    Twice-a-month faculty- and fellow-led case-based conference exploring diagnostic and therapeutic issues across hematology/hematologic malignancies. The conferences include review of pathologic specimens, peripheral blood smears.
  • Art of Oncology
    These sessions with first-year fellows include two medical oncologists (one with palliative care expertise), a social worker, and a psychiatrist. Discussions cover a variety of psychosocial concerns that arise in the care of patients with medical oncologic illness, and there is a focus on communications skills. Topics include: hospice care; breaking bad news; coping and support; spirituality; and self-care to achieve work-life balance.
  • Hematology/Oncology Grand Rounds
    Twice-a-month lectures focusing on clinical problems and major scientific advances in hematology and oncology. Experts in various fields, both clinical and basic science, are invited from institutions inside and outside of Boston to give cutting-edge talks.
  • Disease-Specific Multidisciplinary Tumor Boards
    Weekly multidisciplinary conference involving case presentations and didactic input from medical oncology, surgery, radiation oncology, radiology, and pathology. This conference supplements discussions held at the New Patient Conference.
  • Medical Grand Rounds
    The Department of Medicine’s weekly Medical Grand Rounds lectures covering a broad range of timely and clinically-important topics. Speakers are drawn from BIDMC, Harvard Medical School and other regional and national institutions. Along with named lectureships, Medical Grand Rounds includes the BIDMC-Annals of Internal Medicine “Beyond the Guidelines” series, which uses a case-based approach to address questions related to new clinical guidelines.
  • Fellows’ Monthly Meeting
    An informal monthly meeting of current fellows, where items for discussion include practice-based learning, systems-based practice and improvement, and transitioning from process to outcomes.

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