Teaching Awards and Honors in General Medicine

For the past several years, the BIDMC medical house staff has awarded the Blumgart Award, which recognizes outstanding teaching, to members of the Division including Dr. Christopher Smith, Dr. Carol Bates, Dr. Booker Bush, Dr. James Heffernan, and Dr. Gerald Smetana. In addition, Dr. Bush is a past recipient of the prestigious S. Robert Stone Award, given annually for excellence in teaching medical students and housestaff. A frequent nominee and recipient of HMS and hospital teaching awards, Dr. William Taylor received an Excellence in Advising Certificate for Associate Master of the Castle Society from the HMS Class of 2006. Dr. Sara Fazio was awarded a Harvard Faculty Council Award for Excellence in Teaching and was conferred the HMS Class of 2003 Best Clinical Instructor teaching award. Dr. Sackey received the HMS Class of 2006 Excellence in Teaching Award and was nominated for the 2004 Peter Klaus International Teaching Award.

In 2003, Dr. Thomas Delbanco, received the Society of General Internal Medicine's highest award, the Robert J. Glaser Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to research, education, or both in generalism in medicine. Dr. Delbanco is a past recipient of the John P. McGovern, M.D. Award which was conferred by the C. Everett Koop Institute at Dartmouth in honor of Dr. Delbanco's work to improve primary health care.

Dr. Daniel Sands received the 2003 IT Innovator Award for leadership in advancing Electronic Patient-Centered Communication, given by Healthcare Informatics magazine, a McGraw-Hill publication.

In 2004, Dr. Bruce Landon was named by SGIM as the Outstanding Junior Investigator of the Year. This award recognizes a junior investigator's career accomplishments and achievements in research. In addition, Dr. Gerald Smetana received the 2004 SGIM National Award for Scholarship in Medical Education. This award recognizes outstanding clinician-educators whose scholarly contributions and innovative work have had a national impact on the art and science of medicine and medical education.

The New England Regional Society of General Internal Medicine presented its Clinician Educator award Dr. Sara Fazio and presented the NE SGIM Clinician Investigator award to Dr. Christina Wee.

Dr. Rafael Campo received the honorary degree Doctor of Humane Letters from Amherst College, in recognition of his contributions to the fields of literature and the medical humanities.

Also in 2004, Dartmouth Medical School presented Dr. Joyce Sackey with its Martin Luther King Social Justice Award in the category of emerging leadership .