About the Ambulatory Curriculum 

BIDMC residents in class

We provide a comprehensive ambulatory curriculum to all medical residents. It is presented over a three-year period and includes lectures, case-based discussions, physical diagnosis, and clinical skills workshops, and seminars. Primary Care Track residents receive additional curriculum for content that is germane to these areas.

The intern outpatient curriculum is delivered during ambulatory block rotations in a one-year cycle. The junior and senior resident curriculum is delivered during practice week rotations in a two-year cycle. A select group of skilled clinician educators on the faculty at BIDMC serve as lecturers, discussion facilitators, and seminar leaders. Learning objectives are presented for each content area, and educational materials are posted on the BIDMC Medical Housestaff Wiki. Other venues/opportunities for ambulatory curriculum include the Ambulatory Care Conference, Journal Club, General Medicine Grand Rounds, and Hopkins Ambulatory Care Modules.

Content Areas

Ambulatory curriculum is divided into domains that are designed to cover all aspects of ambulatory medicine. These content areas are described below.