Carl J. Shapiro Department of Orthopaedics
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Treating Orthopedic Conditions and Injuries

Orthopedic surgeons examining spine x-ray

The Carl J. Shapiro Department of Orthopaedics offers leading-edge technology and clinical expertise at nine convenient locations, and we are a leader in innovative research. Patients enjoy easy access to all of BIDMC's specialist and medical resources, including rehabilitation services; pain clinic; and expertise in medicine, radiology, plastic surgery, podiatry, gerontology and anesthesia. Learn more about our department.

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Programs & Services

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Comprehensive treatment for individuals with a variety of foot and ankle problems.

Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery

Full-service care for all hand, wrist and elbow injuries and diseases.

The Arthritis Center

Joint reconstruction of the hip, knee and shoulder for patients with joint related conditions or injuries.

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