Stroke Consultation Service for Referring Physicians

About Our TeleNet:Stroke Service

Through our TeleNet:Stroke service, participating community hospitals have around-the-clock access to direct and immediate video consultation with BIDMC stroke neurology specialists. Our BIDMC stroke team can consult with emergency physicians and local neurologists, and examine patients from afar, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using image-sharing technology and video conferencing, BIDMC specialists visually assess, talk with, and review scans for patients who may be experiencing acute stroke, transient ischemic attacks, or stroke-like conditions.

By working together with local hospitals and physicians, patients receive care in their own community. At the discretion of the local treating physician, only those patients who would benefit from advanced therapy not available at the local hospital will be transferred to BIDMC.

Improving Outcomes

The TeleNet:Stroke program facilitates rapid diagnosis and triage so that patients with stroke or suspected stroke receive the most appropriate therapy in the most appropriate location as quickly as possible. Together, BIDMC and affiliated hospitals can improve stroke-related care and outcomes, with strong support for keeping suitable patients in their community hospitals. TeleNet:Stroke keeps patients close to home with state-of-the-art treatment.

Shared Expertise

Our program also gives affiliated hospitals logistical support to meet the national and local requirements for primary stroke center certification. We provide local physicians and stroke-care providers with ongoing education. Easy access to BIDMC resources and expertise keep hospitals up-to-date with major advances and best practices in stroke diagnosis and treatment.

We also assist affiliated hospitals in providing stroke education and support to patients and their families. And we aim to expand timely access to innovative treatments for suitable patients through NIH- and industry-sponsored stroke-related trials at BIDMC.