Quality and Patient Safety Initiatives

The Silverman Institute provides leadership for a wide variety of quality and patient safety improvement initiatives that are influential in improving the care of patients at BIDMC. We shares these improvements with all affiliates in the BIDMC community as well as other institutions around the country.

Harm/Preventable Harm Transparency Site

In March, 2008 BIDMC launched our Preventable Harm Transparency dashboard. The BIDMC initiative to eliminate all types of preventable harm is unique and has required that we develop definitions of both "harm" and "preventable"' as well as new methods for capturing, classifying and recording when harm occurs.

Improving Adverse Event Reporting

Recognizing BIDMC's commitment to transparency and leadership in reducing harm to patients, the Patient Care Assessment Division of the Board of Registration in Medicine is working collaboratively with BIDMC to improve BORM's Adverse Event Reporting processes. This pilot effort initiated in March 2008 seeks to expand the identification of Adverse Events, and improve the efficiency, usefulness and productiveness of event investigation and corrective action planning for physicians and institutions throughout Massachusetts.