Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

What are we measuring?

The percentage of intensive care patients on ventilators receiving all of the interventions known as the "ventilator bundle."

Why is this important?

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) is a serious lung infection that can develop in patients who are put on ventilators (a machine to help them breathe). Doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists can help to prevent VAP by implementing the ventilator bundle.

What is our most recent performance and trend?**

 Preventing Ventilator Associated Pneumonia 

**Prevention of ventilator associated complications, including ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP), remains an important focus of our work in Critical Care, and we continue to perform VAP surveillance. However, given that our performance on the VAP prevention bundle was consistently above 97% over the last several years, we will no longer report this metric.  Reporting of VAP bundle prevention compliance will be resumed in the event of increased incidence of VAP or other related concerns

Other Publicly Reported Measures:

Last updated: March 2016