Nursing Mission and Professional Practice Model

Our Mission and Practice Model

In 2016, Marsha Maurer, DNP, RN, FAONL, Senior Vice President for Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer, began a process of reflection within the entire nursing service that led to the development of a nursing mission statement. In a message to staff before announcing the mission, Maurer noted, “I could not be more pleased and excited to be at this juncture. The development of our mission is the product of many months of careful thought, planning, and hard work. We surveyed our frontline staff about what was most important to them. We gathered nursing leaders to consider those results and to further delve into what it means to be a nurse at BIDMC.

“Our mission statement was carefully crafted to capture the essence of that work. We can now say that the mission of nursing at BIDMC is:

“To build on a legacy of nursing excellence by caring with compassion, advancing the art & science of nursing, and advocating for the health of patients, families, and communities.”

The supporting documentation below provides more detail about the concepts of the nursing mission and how they apply to nurses at BIDMC.

Nursing Professional Practice Model

Professional Nursing at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is driven by its nursing mission and is grounded in the values of compassion, excellence, accountability, respect, and collaboration. It does not exist in isolation, but is developed and nurtured in tandem with professional values and professional relationships. A Collaborative Practice Model supports a vibrant patient care delivery system, through which critical operational components are advanced, supported by Nursing Professional Governance.

BIDMC Nursing Professional Practice Model