The Technologies Ventures Office Mission

The mission of the Technology Ventures Office (TVO) is to promote public use of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) technologies for society's use and benefit and to foster alliances with industry through collaboration and licensing agreements, while generating unrestricted income to support research at our institution.

We work with biomedical companies, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs to find the best way to commercialize new technologies and to promote corporate collaborations that can increase our level of industrial support for research.

Our activities and services include:

  • Negotiate Agreements that support research: Including: material transfer, intellectual and tangible property license, data use, pre-clinical industry sponsored research, industry collaboration, visiting scientist and confidentiality agreements.
  • Patent Inventions: Evaluate, manage prosecution, market, and license BIDMC faculty inventions and copyrights.
  • Industry Sponsored Research and Translational Grant Sourcing: Assist BIDMC faculty in obtaining sources for industry sponsors for research.
  • Assist Company Formation:  Aid BIDMC faculty in new company formation by fostering their interactions with VCS and sources of non-dilutive business grants (e.g. sbirs and foundation funding).
  • Path Toward Commercialization: TVO provides insights and assistance for faculty to help create pathways for commercial development and translational research.
  • Distribution of Royalties: Distributes royalty income derived from license agreements according to BIDMC policy.

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