Other Important Research Initiatives

Separate from clinical trails are the research study protocols that distinguished members of the transplant team conduct. These studies are many and varied, ranging from identifying the best measures of kidney function for transplant patients and living donors, to defining predictors of successful transplant outcomes. Patients who are willing and who qualify for enrollment help to further the larger body of knowledge pertaining to the science and treatment of transplantation.

Link here for a list of investigators with more information about their individual research interests and activities.

Liver Research Center

The Liver Center, one of the largest on the East Coast, works closely with the Transplant Institute. The core concept is integrating the care for liver disease patients with leading edge research. Specialists provide multidisciplinary treatment for all forms of liver disease: from viral hepatitis to tumors, liver failure and transplantation surgery.

A dedicated clinical Liver Research Center, the first of its kind in New England, enrolls more than 1,000 patients annually in clinical trials.

Tomorrow's Advances Today

Bench-to-bedside breakthroughs offer transplant patients novel treatment options. As part of our transplant team, investigators work to understand molecular medical mysteries, and then help translate these findings into treatment guidelines that can positively impact patient care. Close collaboration among our physician and clinical scientists ensures that we continually review results to understand and enhance patient care.