The Division of Urology at BIDMC is a large group dedicated to offering comprehensive services for all urologic conditions. The surgeons and investigators in the Division of Urology are all engaged in research aimed at improving treatments for patients.

Peter Chang, MD, MPH 
Research Focus: Measuring and alleviating quality of life in prostate cancer; optimizing decision making in prostate cancer; using patient-reported outcomes in the clinical practice setting.

Anurag Das, MD 
Research Focus: Understanding the effects of bladder outlet obstruction on bladder function and elucidating the mechanisms of sacral neuromodulation for refractory voiding dysfunction. 

William DeWolf, MD 
Research Focus: The active surveillance in the management of prostate cancer. 

Abraham Morgentaler, MD 
Research Focus: The impact of testosterone deficiency on various aspects of health, and the relationship of testosterone and prostate cancer. 

Andrew Wagner, MD 
Research Focus: The recovery trends after both open and minimally invasive kidney surgery.