Urologic Surgery Research

About Our Urology Research

BIDMC urologic surgeons are engaged in a wide range of research investigations aimed at improving treatments for and care of patients. Our research spans from studies of quality of life following urologic cancer treatment and active surveillance in low-risk prostate and kidney cancer to innovative, minimally invasive methods of treating urologic diseases. 

Our surgeons, many of whom receive external funding for their research, publish the results of their investigations in leading journals and are invited to present their research at professional meetings nationally and internationally.  

Listed below are the main research interests of our faculty.  To learn more, click on the links provided.

Aria F. Olumi, MD
Research Focus: Evaluating strategies for personalized care for management of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer
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Robert Carrasquillo, MD
Research Focus: 
Epidemiology of male infertility; assisted reproduction outcomes with advanced paternal age

Peter Chang, MD, MPH 
Research Focus: Measuring and alleviating the effects of prostate cancer on quality of life; optimizing decision making in prostate cancer; using patient-reported outcomes in the clinical practice setting
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Anurag K. Das, MD 
Research Focus: Understanding the effects of bladder outlet obstruction on bladder function; elucidating the mechanisms of sacral neuromodulation for refractory voiding dysfunction 

William C. DeWolf, MD 
Research Focus: Active surveillance in the management of prostate cancer

Robert C. Eyre, MD
Research Focus: 
Immunoregulatory mechanisms and HIV disease in the male reproductive tract; prostate cancer; genitourinary complications associated with diabetes

Stephen J. Eyre, MD
Research Focus: 
Prostate cancer detection and prevention; AdVance male urethral sling; voiding symptom improvement and cost

Ruslan Korets, MD
Research Focus: 
Nephrolithiasis with an emphasis on assessing patterns of care and outcomes in patients undergoing minimally invasive treatment of kidney stone disease
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Peter L. Steinberg, MD
Research Focus: 
Medical malpractice and medico-legal aspects of urologic practice, especially related to kidney stones; analysis of factors related to patients who "no-show" urology office visits; investigating strategies to reduce "no-shows"
Andrew Wagner, MD 
Research Focus: Evaluating the safety of active surveillance for low-risk prostate cancer and kidney cancer; evaluating quality of life after urologic cancer surgery (kidney, prostate, and bladder cancer)
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