The Otterbein Lab, led by Leo Otterbein, PhD, is located in the Center for Life Sciences in the Longwood Medical Area of Boston, Mass., close to Harvard Medical School.

Leo Otterbein LabWe encourage you to learn more about us and the research underway in our lab.

About Us

The Otterbein Lab focuses primarily on the gas molecule carbon monoxide (CO) and its potent therapeutic effects when used at low concentrations in models of shock, transplantation, and vascular surgery.

We also maintain a very active bacterial sepsis program, where we have shown that inhaled CO can protect mice from acute severe bacterial sepsis and shock.

In addition, we are participating in a multidisciplinary investigation of cancer and metabolism.

Lab Members

Leo Otterbein, PhD
Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School

Beek Yoke Chin, PhD
Kellie Cunningham
David Gallo
Andreas Hedblom
Mailin Li
Lan Jun Wang, MD