Wolfgang Junger LabResearch Overview

Severe injury causes inflammation and excessive activation of leukocytes (e.g., neutrophils), damaging host tissues. This process leads to multiple organ failure, a leading cause of death in trauma patients.

In those patients who survive this inflammatory process, a subsequent down-regulation of cellular immune function impairs the host's immune defense against invading microorganisms. Consequently, many patients develop infections and sepsis, which are other major causes of death in trauma patients.

We study the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in these inflammatory and immunosuppressive responses with the ultimate goal to develop strategies to prevent post-traumatic complications.

Post-Doctoral Positions

Post-doctoral positions are immediately available in the Harvard Trauma Inflammation Training Program. Successful candidates must have a PhD in immunology or other biomedical sciences, or an MD or equivalent.

Interested Applicants

Please submit via email a CV, letter of interest, and contact information for three references to Dr. Wolfgang Junger.

Lab Members

Lab Location

Our research laboratory is located on the 8th floor of the Dana Building at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, in the Longwood Medical Area:

Shuttles and bus connections, as well as the MBTA Green Line (D and E branches) are within a short walking distance from our laboratory.