Bernat Kocsis , MD PHD, Associate Professor Harvard Medical School


Postdoctoral fellows (with their primary interest in brackets):

Lionel Dahan, PhD (2003, brainstem control of hippocampal activity)

Maciej Kaminski, PhD (2002-2003, electrophysiological signal analysis)

Shaomin Li, MD PhD (2003-2005, brainstem control of hippocampal activity)

Irina Topchiy, PhD (2005-2007, brainstem control of hippocampal activity)

Eleonora Tobaldini (2008, sleep=related heart rate variability)

Ryan Mears (2008-2009, cortical oscillations in schizophrenia) Livingston and Mysell Awards

Andor Magony (2012, prefrontal cortex and hippocampus in schizophrenia)

Patricia Allen (2013-2015, cognitive deficits in anorexia nervosa) Livingston Award

Jessica Babb, PHD Collaborator Scientist (from Children’s Hospital, 2014-2018)


Graduate students completing thesis projects in the lab (their publication in brackets):

Dannia Wang (2006-2007) (Neuropharmacology 2011)

Elin Sorman (2007-2008) (Neuropharmacology 2011, first author)

Lisa Nguy (2008-2009)

Pawel Welbert (2009-2010)

Susanna Ly (2010-2011) (ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 2013, first author)

Saba Sazeger  (2010-2011)

Bano Pishdari, (2011-2012) (ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 2013)

Mahsa Rezaei, (2011-2012)

Peia Lee, (2012-2013) (Brain Structure and Function, 2014)

Alma Hrjadovich (2013-2014)

Sandra Barherberus (2014-2015)

James Friedmann (2014-2015)

Frans Petterson (2013-2014) (Brain Structure and Function, 2017)

Alexis Roy, (2013-2017) Honor MD, Harvard Medical School (Brain Structure and Function, 2017, first author)

Amna Mazeh (2015) (Brain Structure and Function, 2017)

Carolina Witnerzon Thorn (2013-2014)


Undergraduate students completing thesis projects in the lab (their publication in brackets):

Tope Lanre-Amos (2007-2009) Honor BS, PRISE Award, Harvard College (Frontiers in Psychiatry, 2010, first author)

Kara Kittelberger (2007-2008) (Brain Structure and Function, 2012, first author)      

Siri Davidsen Bekken (2010)

Sigrid Kjelstrup (2010)

Ling Ling Lok (2009-2012) Harvard College (ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 2013)

Kine Ronnestad (2011) and Marthe Dybvik (2011)

Jonathan Harper, Harvard Extension School (2011-2012)

Peter Swiatek (2010-2012) Honor BS, HU Fellowship Award, Harvard College

Sveinung Simonsen, (2012) and Astrid Torvestad, (2012)

Cristiana-Ioanna Bercea (2013)

Silje Hjoernevik (2015) and Miriam Brandt (2015)

Asa von Thorn (2016) and Kristi Engeldal Mo (2016)