Volney SheenVolney L. Sheen, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Neurology


Institution and Location

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
BS 1990
Biomechanical Engineering

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
MS 1990
Electrical Engineering

Harvard University, Div Med Sci, Boston, MA
PhD 1997

Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
MD 1997
Harvard Health Sciences and Technology, Boston, MA M.Msc 2003 Medical Sciences, Clinical Investigation

Positions and Honors

1985 Research Assistant and USDA Fellow, Dept of Agronomy/ Plant Pathology, University of Kentucky (PI: Dr. Roger Anderson)

1986-90 Research Assistant, Dept of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University (PI: Dr. Lawrence Schramm)

1989 Visiting Scholar, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University (PI: Dr. Eugene Bruce)

1994-97 National Institute of Mental Health Predoctoral Fellow, Harvard University

1997-1998 Internship (Medicine), Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School (Director: Dennis Ausiello)

1998-2000 Resident in Neurology, Partners, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School (Directors: Drs. Martin Samuels, Anne Young, and Michael Charness)

2001-2003 Instructor in Neurology, Fellow in Epilepsy, Beth Israel Hospital, Harvard Medical School

2004 Assistant Professor in Neurology, Epilepsy Staff Neurologist

Awards and Honors:

1986 National Merit Scholar, Who's Who Among American Students Award

1990 Tau Beta Pi (Engineering), Alpha Epsilon Delta (Medical Honor Society),General and Departmental Honors (Biomedical Engineering)

1990-1992 Oaklawn Scholarship in Technology and Medicine, Solace Mitchell Scholarship

1992 Hartford Scholarship on Aging

1994-1995 Scottish Rites Fellowship for Schizophrenia Research

1994-1996 Josephine De Karman Research Fellowship

1994-1997 Epilepsy Foundation Research Fellowship

1994-1997 Leopold Schepp Foundation Fellowship

1995-1997 National Institute of Mental Health Research Service Award

2001 Charles A. Dana Fellow, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Fellowship recipient, Clinical Investigator Training Program Fellowship, National Institute of Mental Health Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award

2003 Penry Epilepsy Fellowship


1997-present Massachusetts Medical Society, American Medical Association

1999-present American Academy of Neurology

2002 American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology