Epilepsy Lab

Goldenholz Epilepsy + Data Science Lab

This lab is dedicated to connecting the latest clinical information about epilepsy with the latest developments in data science, in order to achieve clinically meaningful improvements in the lives of people with epilepsy.

For us, "data science" means applying the appropriate mix of advanced statistics, signal processing, machine learning, computer science, and proper database management to achieve improved precision, accuracy, and reproducibility.

There are 3 main focus areas:

  1. Natural seizure patterns - this includes understanding the natural fluctuations of seizure counts, seizure clustering, and seizure forecasting.
  2. Biosensor dynamics - here we are using biosensors such as ECG and pulse oximetry to understand hidden markers of risk for sudden cardiac death and/or sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP).
  3. Clinical trial improvements - developing techniques for more rapid, more efficient yet less expensive clinical trials in epilepsy that will accelerate bringing novel treatments to this disease.

The lab is led by Dr. Daniel Goldenholz, who is also the Director of the International Seizure Diary Consortium.