Because EM projects can be extensive and expensive, the EM Core Facility invites all researchers to meet with core staff before a project is started to discuss the scope of the project, how to procure and fix tissues, time line, budgetary concerns, and any other general issues which might arise.

Procedure for obtaining service and/or training in the EM Core

1. Contact the EM core facility staff to schedule an initial meeting. During this meeting, the scientific objectives and experimental details of your project are discussed. Please bring relevant articles that explain the project and any techniques you may be trying to reproduce. Core staff will work with you to design the EM study and schedule work.

2. Users have the option to choose service work (a) or independent usage (b). Please note: The EM core does not offer independent use of core microtomy equipment so the sections must be cut by core staff or elsewhere.

  • a. During service work, core staff provides technical assistance and support to acquire images. You can be present, or not. The results of the study will be sent to you via an email report. You may then request a follow-up meeting to discuss the results.
  • b. Independent use of the JEOL1400 requires proper training, which is provided by core staff. Upon completion of training, users are permitted to operate the microscope independently and can sign-up on an on-line calendar. It is the responsibility of the independent user to understand tissue ultrastructure and to interpret their data.

How to acknowledge core support

For continued support, we request that you acknowledge the EM core facility at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center if core staff made a significant contribution to your study.

For HDDC users, please acknowledge the support provided by the HDDC imaging core B, NIH P30 DK034854.

Policies, Training Resources, and Protocols

Policy for the use of the JEOL1400

Tissue Processing

Outline for Routine EM

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