AMP_Core_Service_Equipment_351x428Equipment Listing

  • DEXA scanner for non-invasive determination of body composition (fat mass, lean body mass) and bone mineral density
  • Coulter Counter equipped with a multisizer to measure adipocyte number and size distribution on the same samples
  • Stereotaxic table for investigator to implant brain cannulas for direct delivery of genetic or pharmacologic material into the brain
  • CODA 8 for non invasive measurement of blood pressure in mice
  • “Wheel cage system” for recording spontaneous exercise of mice
  • Telemetry system for continuous measurement of mouse core body temperature using implantable probe.
  • Thermalert TH-5 thermometer for measurement of core body temperature (rectal probe)
  • CMA 402 Infusion pumps for continuous delivery (IV, IP or SubQ) of compounds.