As of August 1, 2016:

Academy Members

Faculty members who have a strong record of teaching medical students, residents, fellows, graduate students, and/or other faculty.

  • Requirement for continued membership: Must participate in a minimum of 6 hours HMS-associated professional development activities every academic year, of which 1 hour/year must be a BIDMC Academy activity.

Examples of BIDMC Academy activities (hours of credit in parentheses) include:

  • BIDMC Academy kick-off (3 hours)
  • Monthly professional development sessions (1.0-1.5 hours)
  • Master Teacher observation (2 hours)
  • Peer observation of teaching (2 hours)
  • 1-on-1 consultation (1 hour)
  • Curriculum Vitae clinic (1 hour)
  • Leading any of the above (1-3 hours, depending on the activity)

HMS-associated professional development activities are defined as HMS, HMS-affiliate or BIDMC “teaching about teaching” or “learning about teaching” activities. These include:

  • Attending an HMS Academy event, activity, or symposium (e.g., medical education grand rounds)
  • Leading or attending a BIDMC department-based faculty development program
  • Presenting a poster at HMS Medical Education Day
  • Please note that all activities must be local with the purpose to enhance teaching excellence. Not counted are CME courses, talks, or conferences directed at clinical topics, regional or national faculty development activities associated with academic societies, HMS Academy Interest Group meetings, or clinical teaching or mentoring of medical students, resident, fellows, or faculty.

For Members and Senior Members of the BIDMC Academy prior to August 1, 2016

  • You will be grandfathered into the requirements of the Academy Members and Scholars of the Academy, respectively, as above, namely a requirement of 6 hours of local faculty development, including 1 BIDMC Academy session. However, if you do not meet these requirements, reinstatement as a member will follow the process for Prospective Members.