About Our Sub-Internship Program

The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Division of Urologic Surgery invites fourth-year Harvard Medical School (HMS) students, and other US and Canadian medical students for a four-week rotation in Advanced Clinical Urology. International students are accepted from November to April.

The course is designed to provide students with exposure to a wide breadth of urologic disease ranging from common to complex urologic conditions. Students will have the opportunity to learn what a career in urology will entail.

What To Expect

During their month rotation on the urology service, we expect students to function as a direct member of the team. Students will participate in the following:

  • Daily rounds with faculty, residents, fellows and advanced practice providers
  • Evaluations, work ups, and presentation of patients in the outpatient urology clinic
  • Endoscopic, minimally invasive and open cases
  • Didactic academic conferences, M+M and Grand Rounds
  • At the end of the rotation, student will prepare a presentation on a Urologic topic of their choice.


Students will be evaluated and assigned a grade (H/HP/P/F) based on:

  • Professionalism
  • Willingness to learn
  • Interaction with patients and staff
  • Growth in knowledge
  • Attendance
  • Participation
  • Case presentations

Course Director, Dr. Ruslan Korets will provide direct support and teaching throughout the rotation. A scheduled time will be available to meet with Dr. Korets after two weeks of the rotation to provide feedback and incorporate the student's suggestions for making the rotation more rewarding.

At the completion of the rotation, the student will receive a final summative assessment and evaluation by the course director.

How To Apply

Students interested in completing a sub-internship with the BIDMC Division of Urologic Surgery should first email Amy Yok-Ming Wong, Program Coordinator. Amy will work with you to help coordinate the month of your rotation so you can plan your clinical rotations.

HMS students will apply internally through the HMS lottery.

Visiting students should then submit application and required documentation to HMS Visiting Exchange Clerkship Program. Please refer to the HMS Visiting Exchange Clerkship Program website for additional information regarding the application process.

BIDMC Urology Anki Deck

The BIDMC Urology faculty has collaborated with the Urology Student Anki Group to create an Anki question deck designed to help medical students prepare for sub-internships and PGY-1 year. Anki is a flashcard app used to learn and study new material. The BIDMC Urology Anki question deck covers core urologic concepts for medical students across the spectrum of urologic conditions, including urologic emergencies, BPH, erectile dysfunction, voiding dysfunction, UTIs, pediatrics, and nephrolithiasis.

For more information and to download the BIDMC Urology Anki Deck, please visit our Anki Deck Google Doc page or our Twitter page.

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