About Our Sub-Internship Program

The BIDMC Division of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery invites fourth year Harvard Medical School (HMS) students, and other US and Canadian medical students, for a four-week advanced clinical elective in otolaryngology.

This course will offer exposure to a wide range of sub-specialties in otolaryngology and students will have a comprehensive operative and clinical experience. Students will learn to care for patients with a variety of problems including:

  • Head and neck cancer
  • Voice and swallowing disorders
  • Hearing loss and otologic disorders
  • Sinus and rhinologic disorders
  • Facial reconstruction and plastic surgery

How To Apply

Interested students should email Ted Gomez, program Director and Program Coordinator, Debbie Vitale.

Visiting students should then submit an application and required documentation to HMS Visiting Exchange Clerkship Program. Please refer to the HMS Visiting Exchange Clerkship Program website for additional information regarding the application process.

Harvard Medical School students will apply internally through the HMS registrar.