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How To Apply

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Qualifications of Applicants

The doctoral internships in clinical psychology are for advanced students (fourth year and beyond) in good standing in APA-approved programs in clinical psychology. Such standing assumes that applicants will have the following preparation: supervised clinical practicum experience, as well as courses or training in personality theory, diagnostic psychological testing, psychotherapy, abnormal psychology or psychopathology, cultural responsivity, ethical and professional conduct, and research methods. Applicants with doctorates in fields of psychology other than clinical should consult the APA guidelines on retraining requirements.

Applicants from Underrepresented Groups: Black, Hispanic and Spanish-speaking psychologists are in considerable demand in the Boston area, and internship applications from members of these and other underrepresented groups are especially encouraged.

Please download and fill out our application form below.

Application Form

Application and Selection Procedures

The deadline for applications and all supporting materials is November 1, 2024 11:59 PM.

Please use the APPIC application. In your cover letter, please include the information requested on our application face sheet (which tracks you are applying for and which days you are available for interviews. If you are applying to the neuropsychology track, please include a de-identified test report in your APPIC supplemental activities section.

It is not possible for us to interview all who apply; we must restrict interviews to those students whose interests and qualifications appear to be most compatible with our program. Therefore, interviews will be scheduled only after applications have been screened. After screening, applicants will be invited for interviews if appropriate.

All interviews will be virtual. Applicants will be notified of their interview status by December 2, 2024. We will interview applicants on the three days listed on the application. Please indicate on the application all dates you would be available for the entire day, for virtual interviews.

All internships begin on July 1, 2025 and end on June 30, 2026.

Shirley Yen, PhD
Director of Psychology Training
Massachusetts Mental Health Center
75 Fenwood Road
Boston, MA 02115
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Applicants will be informed of their status through the matching program adopted by APPIC.