Training in Gastroenterology & Hepatology

The mission of our Gastroenterology Fellowship is to recruit and train talented physicians who are committed to a career in academic gastroenterology and hepatology.

Sarah N. Flier, MD
Sarah Flier, MD, Program Director

The mission of our GI fellowship is to recruit and mentor exemplary physicians, equipping them with the necessary skills to become innovative clinicians and researchers. The first year of the fellowship program is devoted to working in our clinical care and procedure centers, gaining experience in clinical gastroenterology and hepatology. We are committed to fostering the professional growth of our fellows and the remaining eighteen months of the GI fellowship are comprised of a program of training that is tailored to each individual fellow's career goals. Within those eighteen months, an additional six months of clinical training is provided.

Our expert faculty encompasses a broad range of clinical and research interests and will provide one-on-one mentoring for candidates wishing to pursue careers in any of the three major academic tracks: clinician-educator, clinical investigator, or laboratory investigator.

How To Apply


The fellowship prepares you for any Gastroenterology career that you may want and there is no field within GI that you will not be prepared to enter and succeed. The GI faculty, to whom you have regular access, are leaders, nationally and internationally and all of them are willing to aid in your career advancement.
V. Patwardhan
2015 Graduate