K. Meredith Atkins, MD
Associate Director, Shapiro Institute for Education and Research and Director, Undergraduate Medical Education and Principal Clinical Experience

Alexander Carbo, MD
Associate Director, Principle Clinical Experience

Lynette Cheseborough
Licensing and Credentialing Coordinator, Graduate Medical Education

Chris Coughlin
Administrative Director

Corrine Dirrane
Data Analyst, Graduate Medical Education

David Fobert
Operations Manager, Simulation and Skills Center

Molly Hayes, MD
Medical Education Specialist

Jill Herrin
Administrative Director, Graduate Medical Education

Grace Huang, MD
Director of Assessment

Carol Hughes
Operations Manager

Dan Jones, MD
Co-Director, Simulation and Skills Center

Elizabeth Langley
Program Administrator, Undergraduate Medical Education

Amber Taylor Lovendale
Administrative Assistant

Terry Maratos-Flier, MD
Director, Office for Academic Careers and Faculty Development

Michael McBride
Training and Support Specialist, Simulation and Skills Center

Jakob McSparron, MD
Medical Education Specialist

Lori Newman, MEd
Director, Faculty Education

John Pawlowski, MD
Co-Director, Simulation and Skills Center

Mitchell T. Rabkin, MD
Distinguished Institute Scholar in Residence

David H. Roberts, MD
Director, International Programs

Richard M. Schwartzstein, MD
Executive Director

Amy Sullivan, EdD
Director, Office of Educational Research

Darren Tavernelli
Training and Support Specialist, Simulation and Skills Center

Carrie Tibbles, MD
Director, Graduate Medical Education

Diana Wang
Senior Financial Analyst, Graduate Medical Education

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Center for Education
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
330 Brookline Avenue, ES-200
Boston, Massachusetts 02215