About Our Interdisciplinary Clinic

We offer highly innovative, intensive treatment for Huntington’s disease (HD) throughout the course of the disease. Our multidisciplinary team—led by neurologists Samuel Frank, MD and Simon Laganiere, MD—works together with you and your family to meet physical, cognitive and emotional needs. This may include consultations with:

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The Huntington’s Disease Interdisciplinary Clinic takes place on Mondays. This appointment includes a consultation with neurology initially to determine what other providers are needed, such as social work. We will work with you to outline an individualized treatment plan. For more information, call 617-667-0519.

Affiliated Locations

Tewksbury Hospital offers a broad range of services including around-the-clock nursing care, rehabilitation services, social services, nutritional services and more.

Braintree Manor Healthcare is a large nursing facility offering round-the-clock professional nursing care for its short and long-term residents and features a robust Neurorehabilitation Program that is designed to offer comprehensive cognitive and physical therapy, specifically tailored to support those impacted by neurological disorders.

BIDMC’s HD specialists work closely with both Tewsksbury Hospital and Braintree Manor to provide services for patients who require more intense services due to the advancing nature of Huntington’s disease.

UMass Memorial Medical Center’s Movement Disorders Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic providing comprehensive care for Huntington disease patients and their families in the Central and Western Massachusetts region. In partnership with the Beth Israel Lahey Health system, there is collaboration on clinical care, community resources, education, and research opportunities to bring the most current and innovative treatment options to our patients.

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