Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trials and Research

Hope and Opportunity for MS

Medical advances in the diagnosis and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) offer hope to patients and families. These advances are also instrumental in guiding the treatment plans developed by our team of MS specialists. It is for this purpose of staying abreast of the latest developments in a rapidly evolving field, that we actively participate in multi-center clinical trials evaluating new treatments for MS.

Clinical trials devised to treat progression in MS are a particular emphasis of our group. A major concern of most MS patients is the progressive nature of the disease and its potential to lead to severe disability. About 50-80% of all MS patients experience progressive neurologic problems, including gait instability, decline in strength and cognitive deficits.

In addition, we participate in several other prominent clinical research studies investigating medications for symptoms associated with MS. These include pain, fatigue, and cognitive problems that are seen with patients with MS and are difficult to treat.

Finally, we are involved in a number of studies working to improve the diagnoses of MS and predict disease course. We are particularly interested in studying why a subset of patients experience progression in MS with significant physical and cognitive disability compared to others. Our cutting-edge work with high field MRI is among the first to identify cortical lesions in progressive MS.

Current Research Studies Available

To learn more about the clinical trials offered in the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic, please view our actively enrolling studies

Determine Eligibility and Ask Questions

To determine your eligibility and ask any questions you may have, please contact Emma Saart or John Dempsey via email, or call 617-667-3726. There is no cost to you for study visits or study-related care.