Cognitive Support for Patients as They Age

Focused On Memory Loss and Changes in Brain Function in Seniors

Our Brain Health in Aging program through our Brain Fit Club is designed to provide education about normal age-related cognitive changes, support to individuals struggling with some of the changes in functioning and independence associated with normal cognitive aging, and practical skills to optimize brain health and cognitive functioning with age. With this unique program, we teach our patients that aging is not an illness, but a process that offers new opportunities for personal growth and adaptation that prioritizes health and general well-being, independence, and quality of life.

Program Features

Some of the features of our Brain Health in Aging program include:

  • Brief screenings by neuropsychologists for those who are worried about early memory loss, concentration, or thinking problems.
  • Consultation with social workers about lifestyle issues that promote overall well-being.
  • Wellness assessments to determine optimal diet and exercise plans for brain and overall physical health.
  • Cognitive remediation groups to learn skills to optimize memory, attention and organization as well as healthy lifestyle behaviors associated with brain health, with the goal of promoting continued independence.
  • Meditation and mindfulness groups for stress reduction, overall well being, and better attention.

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