Cognitive Support for Patients as They Age

Focused on memory loss and changes in brain function in seniors

Our Brain Health in Aging program is designed to guide and support patients who are concerned about changes in brain function and memory loss as they age. Many people fit into this category, which we call the "worried well": they fear that normal changes in memory and thinking may mean they will develop Alzheimer's disease, or they fear becoming dependent on others and burdening their loved ones. With this unique program, we teach our patients that aging is not an illness, but a process that offers new opportunities, but sometimes interferes with independence and function.

Program Features

Some of the features of our Brain Health in Aging program include:

  • Day-long seminars to learn about the interdependence of mind and physical health, the importance of cardiovascular health, sleep, nutrition and exercise and cognitive challenges to brain health, and the importance of brain health for general well-being and happiness.
  • Brief screenings by neuropsychologists for those who are worried about early memory loss, concentration, or thinking problems.
  • Consultation with social workers about lifestyle issues that promote overall well-being.
  • Cognitive remediation to help you adjust your learning style according to normal changes in the brain, with the goal of promoting continued independence.
  • Technology across the lifespan: Introduction and individual advice on technology and computer-based programs that might promote and sustain an active lifestyle.
  • Meditation and mindfulness; the mind/body approach.

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