Quality Measures for Orthopedic Care

BIDMC provides joint evaluation orthopedic care for more than 800 patients each year. Our services include joint replacement as well as repair. When choosing a hospital, patients in need of orthopaedic care should consider the hospital's experience with the surgery, patient outcomes, patients' experiences with care, and the efficiency of care.

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Patient Experience

Measure BIDMC 
Q1 FY18
National Database(1)
Overall Quality Score of "9" or "10" (All Ortho)
A higher percentage is better.
73% 73%
Ease of Scheduling Your Appointment
% Very Good (Ortho Clinic)
A higher percentage is better.
88% 75%
Likelihood to Recommend Ortho Clinic 
"Yes Definitely"

A higher percentage is better.
92% 93%

Unplanned Readmissions

1 Source of comparison data: Press Ganey National Database Participants.  
2 Source of comparison for these measures is an Internal Target.

Last updated:  April 2018