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The providers in the Cheng and Tsui Center for Integrative Care work together with our primary care physicians to provide the best care for a range of conditions from musculoskeletal pain, diabetes, and congestive heart failure to depression and anxiety.

Our Physicians

Kim Ariyabuddhiphongs, MDKim Ariyabuddhiphongs, MD

  • Medical Director, HealthCare Associates
  • Medical Director, Cheng and Tsui Center for Integrative Care
  • Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Clinical Interests: Women's health, primary care redesign

Dr. Kim Ariyabuddhiphongs is the medical director of Healthcare Associates, the academic hospital-based primary care practice of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Her clinical focus is on women’s health, and she has lectured on women's health issues including osteoporosis, cervical cancer prevention, and teaching the pelvic exam to medical residents. In addition to women's health issues, her focus includes patient safety initiatives and quality improvement.

Learn more: Dr. Ariyabuddhiphong's education and training »

Aditi Nerurkar, MDAditi Nerurkar, MD, MPH

  • Assistant Medical Director, Cheng and Tsui Center for Integrative Care
  • Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Clinical Interests: Mind-body therapies, yoga, meditation, stress management counseling, relaxation training

Dr. Aditi Nerurkar is board certified in internal medicine and integrative medicine. She is also trained in mindfulness meditation. At the Cheng and Tsui Center for Integrative Care, she sees patients for integrative medicine evaluations, stress management counseling, and relaxation training.

In her research, Dr. Nerurkar has studied the role of integrative medicine in conventional medical care, and several of her papers have been published in JAMA Internal Medicine. In addition to patient care and research, Dr. Nerurkar is interested in promoting integrative medicine within the media. She writes for the Huffington Post and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, ABC World News Tonight, CNN, and NPR.

Learn more: Dr. Nerurkar's education and training »

Gloria YehGloria Y. Yeh, MD, MPH

  • Director, Research Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, Division of General Medicine and Primary Care
  • Assistant Professor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Clinical Interests: mind-body medicine, meditative exercise, stress management, cardiopulmonary disease

Dr. Gloria Yeh’s research focuses on the safety, effectiveness, and mechanisms of mind-body therapies for chronic disease including cardiovascular and pulmonary disease, musculoskeletal pain, depression, and healthy aging. She has been funded by the National Institutes of Health to conduct several studies related to mind-body exercise, meditation, and tai chi. Dr. Yeh has received numerous honors and awards for her work.

Dr. Yeh is an active member in the Consortium of Academic Health Centers in Integrative Medicine. She has also been a member of many professional societies including the American Heart Association, Heart Failure Society of America, Society of General Internal Medicine, the American College of Physicians.

Learn more: Dr. Yeh’s education and training »

Picture of Suzie BertischSuzanne Bertisch, MD, MPH

  • Integrative Physician
  • Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School 

Clinical Interests: behavioral, lifestyle, and integrative therapies for sleep disorders, cardiovascular risk factors and disease and other medical conditions.

Dr. Suzanne Bertisch is a board certified Sleep Medicine Specialist at BIDMC's Cheng and Tsui Center for Integrative Care. She completed a fellowship in the Division for Research and Education in Complementary and Integrative Medical Therapies at Harvard Medical School, during which time she worked at the Marino Center for Progressive Health in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and at various sleep clinics in Boston.

Dr. Bertisch's research focuses on the use, efficacy, and physiological mechanisms of mind-body therapies. She was awarded a career development award by the National Institutes of Health that supports her research in this area. She has also collaborated on several research projects that focus on dietary supplements, headaches, and sleep disorders.

Learn more: Dr. Bertisch’s education and training »

Michelle Dossett, MD, PhDMichelle Dossett, MD, PhD

  • Integrative Physician
  • Fellow, Harvard Medical School Research Fellowship in Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Clinical Interests: Mind body medicine, functional medicine, homeopathy, and the nature of healing.

Dr. Michelle Dossett is well-versed in both conventional and integrative approaches to care. She focuses on helping patients make decisions that best incorporate their personal values.

Dr. Dossett is a member of the American Holistic Medical Association, American College of Physicians, and the Society of General Internal Medicine. She has presented talks on mind-body medicine, nutrition, and physician well-being.

Learn more: Dr. Dossett’s education and training »

Our Providers

Jeanne Spellman, RD, LDNJeanne Spellman, RD, LDN

Integrative Nutritionist
Jeanne is an Integrative Nutritionist at the Cheng and Tsui Center for Integrative Care and also a clinical research dietitian at the Joslin Diabetes Center. She provides nutrition and lifestyle coaching to research participants, coordinates and conducts group nutrition/lifestyle classes, and mentors nutrition students.

A 1984 cum laude graduate of Framingham State College's nutrition program, Jeanne is a registered dietitian with the American Dietetic Association and a licensed dietitian in Massachusetts. She holds a certification in Adult Weight Management and a Provisional Certification in Health/Family and Consumer Science from the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Jeanne’s goal is to help her patients reach their desired health goals through nutrition and lifestyle changes. She focuses on weight control, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension (high blood pressure). Jeanne tailors each plan based to patients’ unique individual needs while moving toward a whole-food, balanced diet.

Tim Shaw, LMT, OMTTim Shaw, LMT, OMT

Massage Therapist
Tim Shaw is a licensed massage therapist and a nationally certified orthopedic massage therapist. He works with patients to create a customized massage that improves their acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain, helps with range of motion, and reduces reliance on over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. Tim’s goal is to involve and educate his patients to help them focus and stay on track with their treatments and overall health.

Tim is board certified in general massage therapy and orthopedic massage therapy. He completed his undergraduate degree in sports medicine/athletic training at New England College and has a massage therapy degree with a focus on medical and musculoskeletal treatments from Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy.

Wenfei Xie, Lic. Ac.Wenfei Xie, Lic. Ac.

Wenfei Xie is an experienced practitioner who tailors her acupuncture treatment to a patient’s individual needs. She has more than 30 years of experience in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine and treated patients for many years as a medical doctor in a major hospital in Shanghai, China. Wenfei is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of her patients through the use of this ancient Chinese medical system.

Wenfei is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine. She is certified in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology by NCCAOM (National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).

Julie PernokasJulie Pernokas

Yoga Instructor
Julie Pernokas teaches her students how to use yoga as a tool to deconstruct barriers and enjoy freedom of movement and mental clarity. She is a master at teaching how yoga can be incorporated into our daily lives and how yoga can be a hallmark of a healthy lifestyle. The focus of Julie’s yoga instruction is to educate students to the benefits and relatable experience of yoga.

Julie’s training includes coursework and certifications in Anatomy for Yoga, Yoga for Vital Living, The Internal Method of the Ashtanga System, the Soul of Strength and Serenity, Meditation, Chakras, and Pranayamas. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Boston College, Carroll School of Management.

Kristin Woodruff, MS, RCEP, RNKristin Woodruff, MS, RCEP, RN

Exercise Physiologist
Kristin Woodruff will give patients the guidance to start exercising in a safe environment and provide exercises to do at home or in the gym. Additionally, patients will gain the confidence to continue exercising on their own, and learn how to modify exercises for their health complications. Kristin has both hospital and gym-based experience in working with individuals to create an exercise program.

Kristin is a registered nurse and registered clinical exercise physiologist with certifications in ACSM Exercise is Medicine Credential: Level 3, NASM Optimum Performance Training for the Prenatal Client, and Functional Movement Screening certified. Additionally she has AHA, CPR and AED certifications.

Stanwood ChangStanwood Chang

Tai Chi Instructor
Stanwood Chang is a graduate of the Teacher Training program at the Tree of Life Tai Chi Center. He is founder and director of two tai chi schools, the Sun Tai Chi Institute of Boston and Silk Reeling. He also teaches in many other clinical settings and gyms.

Stanwood has significant experience using tai chi to help with many medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders, balance disorders, arthritis, and more.

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