Discussions on Cardiology Outcomes

The Smith Center researchers discuss their work in Cardiology Outcomes in a series of videos below. See the Smith Center YouTube playlist for additional talks.

Precision, Pragmatism & Parachutes: Modernizing Empiricism in Cardiovascular Care

Dr. Robert Yeh describes strategies to improve the applicability of clinical trial results to cardiovascular care.


Making Real World Evidence Ready for Prime Time: The SAFE-PAD Study

Dr. Eric Secemsky discusses the initial report from the SAFE-PAD study, a retrospective cohort study designed with feedback from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to provide a longitudinal assessment of the safety of the drug-coated devices.


Not Throwing Away our Shot: The Economics of COVID-19 Vaccination

Dr. Dhruv Kazi describes the cost of the COVID-19 vaccine and the cost of vaccination. He also covers special considerations related to health equity.