Summary of Trials for Liver Transplant Patients


Title: Study of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infected Patients Undergoing Liver Transplantation to Evaluate a Human Monoclonal Antibody Against Hepatitis C (MBL-HCV1) 

BIDMC Principal Investigator

- Transplant Hepatologist, Michael Curry, MD

Type of Study

- Interventional Phase II Drug Trial

Trial Status

-Closed to enrollment, follow up completed.


- MassBiologics (MBL)

BIDMC Contact Person:

Susan McDermott, RN, MPH: 617.632.9841 or

Why Is This Study Being Done?

- The purpose of this study was to determine whether a human monoclonal antibody against Hepatitis C (named MBL-HCV1) can prevent or delay recurrence of HCV or reduce the amount of detectable HCV in patients after liver transplantation.

What's Involved?

- Patients with end stage liver disease caused by hepatitis C infection and listed for liver transplantation were invited to participate in the trial. Participants were randomized before transplantation surgery to receive MBL-HCV1 or placebo (inactive drug). Participants received 11 treatments of the study drug intravenously over a 14 day period starting just before their surgery. Participants completed study follow up visits including physical exams and blood studies up to Day 56 following their transplants. A liver biopsy was completed on the day of transplant and another was completed on day 42 following transplant. Study visits were scheduled to coincide with routine clinic visits whenever possible.

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