Mihir S. Parikh, MD

Instructor in Medicine

Director of Interventional Pulmonology at BIDH-Milton

Research Group

Jason Beattie MD
Andres DeLima MD
Van Holden MD
Carlos Sisniega MD
Morgan Soffler MD
Juan Pablo Uribe Becerra MD

Research Focus

My research aims to better understand the way we train learners in medical procedures and the metrics we use to confirm mastery of these skills. As medical training evolves from volume-based metrics to competency-based assessments, I want to find more accurate and more efficient techniques to teach medical procedures in the context of the myriad pressures facing our learners during their packed training schedules. To that end, I am conducting a number of clinical trials aimed at improving procedural education for pulmonary and critical care medicine fellows. I am also running several quality improvement studies investigating ways to improve outcomes in commonly performed pleural procedures.

Accomplishments 2016-2017

  • Joined medical staff of BIDMC and BIDH-Milton
  • Named Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School
  • Named Director of Interventional Pulmonology at BIDH-Milton
  • Named Program Director of Endobronchial Ultrasound Fellowship at BIDMC
  • Ran annual bootcamp course in Bronchoscopy and Pulmonary Procedures Course at BIDMC
  • Invited speaker at regional medical center grand rounds (including MetroWest Hospital, BIDH-Milton, and BIDMC)
  • Invited speaker at CME course in Principles of Critical Care Medicine course
  • Multiple published manuscripts and conference presentations (see below)

Teaching, Training, and Education

I am one of the core training faculty for the Interventional Pulmonology Fellowship Program at BIDMC. I serve as Program Director for the Endobronchial Ultrasound Fellowship Program at BIDMC and I also serve on the Program Evaluation Committee for the Combined MGH/BIDMC Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Program. I also run our annual bootcamp course in Bronchoscopy and Pulmonary Procedures attended by in-coming pulmonary and critical care medicine fellows throughout the northeastern U.S. I also teach pulmonary pathophysiology to medical students in Harvard’s HST program.

Abstracts, Posters, and Exhibits

Rivera E, Holden V, Parikh M. Characteristics of indwelling pleural catheter related infections. International Conference of the American Thoracic Society, Dallas, TX, 2018

DeLima A, Ghattas C, Parikh M. Impact of a one-day introductory course to pulmonary and pleural procedures. International Conference of the American Thoracic Society, Dallas, TX, 2018

Holden V, Chee A, Parikh M, Majid A. Safety and efficacy of a new fully covered self- expandable metallic airway stent. International Conference of the American Thoracic Society, Dallas, TX, 2018

Rivera E, Kheir F, Husta B, Chee A, Parikh M, Majid A. Fluid infusion through chest tube to facilitate pleural procedures. CHEST Annual Meeting, Toronto, ON, 2017

De Lima A, Kheir F, Fernandez-Bussy S, Parikh M, Chee A, Majid A. Tunneled pleural catheters for the treatment of patients with pleural infection and a non-expandable lung: A single-center case series. CHEST Annual Meeting, Toronto, ON, 2017.

Selected Publications

Buitrago DH, Wilson JL, Parikh M, Majid A, Gangadharan S. Current concepts in severe adult tracheobronchomalacia: Evaluation and treatment. J Thorac Dis 2017;9(1):E57-E66.

Parikh M, Krishna G. “Endobronchial Ultrasound,” in Orloff LA, Ed., Head and Neck Ultrasonography. San Diego: Plural Publishing, 2017, pp. 273-283.

Parikh M, Wilson J, Majid A, Gangadharan S. Airway stenting in tracheobronchomalacia. Journal of Visualized Surgery 2017;22(3): 172.

Kheir F, Cheng G, Rivera E, Folch A, Folch E, Fernandez-Bussy S, Keyes C, Parikh M, Channick C, Chee A, Majid A. Concurrent versus sequential intrapleural instillation of tissue plasminogen activator and deoxyribonuclease for pleural infection. Journal of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology 2018;25(2):125-131.

Buitrago D, Majid A, Alape D, Wilson J, Parikh M, Kent M, Gangadharan S. Single-center experience of tracheobronchoplasty for severe tracheobronchomalacia: Clinical practice patterns and perioperative outcomes. Ann Thorac Surg 2017; In press.

VanderLaan P, Rangachari D, Majid A, Parikh M, Gangadharan S, Kent M, Huberman M, Kobayashi S, Costa D. Tumor biomarker testing in non-small cell lung cancer: A decade of change. Lung Cancer 2018;116:90-95.

Buitrago D, Gangadharan S, Majid A, Kent MS, Alape D, Wilson JL, Parikh M, Kim DH. Frailty characteristics predict respiratory failure in patients undergoing tracheobronchoplasty. Ann Thorac Surg 2018;106(3):836-841.