About Our Fracture Healing Research

Fracture HealingBone fracture is a very common musculoskeletal injury. The healing process is physiologically complex, involving both biological and mechanical aspects. Following a fracture, cell migration, cell/tissue differentiation, tissue synthesis, and cytokine and growth factor release occur, regulated by the mechanical environment. Over the past decade, bone healing simulation and modeling has been employed to understand its details and mechanisms, to investigate specific clinical questions, and to design healing strategies.

In order to better understand the fracture healing process, we have developed an in-silico model to simulate bone healing from the early inflammation phase to bone bridging. Our goal is to further elucidate the variables involved in the early fracture healing phase that could adversely affect the overall healing response.

Moreover, we are evaluating a number of therapeutic options that act through different pathways in the fracture healing cascade to augment bone healing non-invasively.

Selected Publications

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