Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

I’m Belen, a 29yo MD from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I studied at University of Buenos Aires, and since the first years as a medical student I knew that my passion was within the surgical field.  Back then, I joined the Dissection Laboratory at the 1st Chair of Anatomy, and developed my interests towards General Surgery. I was interested in research during my last years of medical school, where I had a short experience as a Research Assistant at the University Hospital (Hospital de Clínicas José de San Martin). As soon as I got my degree, I wanted to improve my research skills, and I applied to the Principles and Practices of Clinical Research Program (PPCR) program, which gave me the incredible opportunity to become a Research Fellow at the Center For Advanced Orthopaedic Studies, at Dr Nazarian’s Lab. Our team consists of Biomedical Engineers and MDs from different parts of the world, who work together in different clinical and basic science projects, with a focus on translational science.  In the near future, I want to pursue a residency in General Surgery, hopefully in a program that also offers a research background in order to keep growing in this field. My long-term goal is to become a physician scientist, not only to help future patients in the clinical setting, but also to contribute through research to have an impact in a broader population of patients in the medical field here in the US and back at home.