Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

330 Brookline Avenue, RN115, Boston, MA 02215
Phone: 617-667-2940

I was born in Colombia which is a country with great qualities but it has prominent problems.  During the school years I was passionate about knowledge and the dream of being a scientist, so I could build a better country. I longed for a greater breadth of knowledge; consequently, I did double undergraduate program in both Medicine and Biomedical Engineering at Andes University as member of the scholarship “Quiero estudiar”, awarded for academic excellence.

My interest in research grew during my training; as a result, my main research work was about development of 3D scaffolds in animal models. Then, I moved out of the city to work as a researcher at the Center for Research in Advanced Surgery and Transplantation (CICAT) at the Fundación Valle del Lili (University Hospital).  I participated in the design and development of protocols of experimentation in the Laboratory Animal Center, and I was a member of the Animal Ethics Committee. Subsequently, I continued working in the hospital as researcher and medical assistant in the Head and Neck surgery unit which is leaders in their field in Colombia.

I am interested in the development of tissue engineering, biomaterials performance and transplant, and there application for the solution of pathologies concerning the area of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery. In the near future, I hope to start an otolaryngology residency program, to become a better physician and researcher in academia, solving clinically-relevant biomedical and medical problems.

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