Basic Biomechanics and Bioimaging

Spotlight2Dr. Ara Nazarian's work focuses on basic biomechanics and bioimaging of normal and pathologic cancellous and cortical bone, with emphasis on fracture prediction resultant from local and systemic skeletal pathologies. 

Among his current projects are the CT-based Structural Rigidity Analysis (CTRA) methodology, which he has worked on for the past eight years with Dr. Brian Snyder, and, in collaboration with Drs. Arun Ramappa and Joseph DeAngelis, a Major League Baseball-funded study that explores whether scapulothoracic motion (scapular motion relative respect to the thorax) significantly affects superior labral strain.

New Perceptions of Shoulder Injuries

Our research on baseball pitchers' shoulder injuries was featured in an April 2011 Boston Globe article and detailed in a special video.

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Multi-Center Study

Efficacy of CTRA as a New Tool to Assess Fracture Risk in Patients with Skeletal Metastasis: Learn more about CTRA and find out how to enroll in our study.

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