Research in Endometriosis

BIDMC physician-scientists are actively engaged in research to better understand endometriosis and provide the best care possible.

Clinical Research

Clinical studies are aimed at analyzing the impacts of different medical and surgical treatments for endometriosis.

Current work focuses on:

  • Optimal surgical treatments and long-term outcomes
  • Surgical outcomes for patients with endometriosis versus patients without endometriosis

Basic/Translational Research

Basic and translational research can help identify diagnostic techniques and therapeutics to aid in early diagnosis and improved treatment options.

Current work focuses on:

  • New biomarkers of endometriosis to allow for early diagnosis by blood test or identification of different subtypes
  • Therapeutic options outside of hormonal regulation
  • Harnessing the immune system for treatment of endometriosis


Study of ethical issues in endometriosis care contributes to BIDMC’s mission in providing patient-centered care.

Current work focuses on:

  • Surgeon’s training background and practice volume as they relate to patient care
  • Ethical obligations for surgeons to disclose history of complications


BIDMC’s experts are often asked to provide lectures or participate in educational opportunities for clinicians, researchers, patients and the community. Please email us for more information.