About Mannan Nouri, PhD

Mannan Nouri, PhDDr. Mannan Nouri joined the Balk lab in 2019. His research experience has primarily been in modelling and dissecting the response of prostate cancer (PCa) cells to therapeutic intervention, and demonstrating that the targeting of mechanisms associated with cancer cell plasticity may be used as adjuvant therapies in pre-clinical studies. This work extends to a number of pathways and genes whose functional loss or gain is associated with response to commonly prescribed therapies that target the androgen receptor (AR).

During his time at the Balk lab Dr. Nouri has redirected his focus away from AR-independent cell plasticity, and towards the role of sustained AR signaling in androgen targeted therapy resistant cells that retain expression of AR. Ongoing work includes elucidating the overlapping and compensatory roles of AR and AR splice variant 7 in AR-antagonist (enzalutamide) resistant models, assessing the synergistic effects of cell cycle inhibitor combination therapies, and studying the mechanism of paracrine signaling factors associated with therapy resistance in PCa cells and associated stroma.