fen maSince 40-60% of patients with prostate cancer harbor TMPRSS2/ERG fusion, which put ERG expression under control of androgen, Dr. Ma's current efforts focus on studying the contribution of this translocation to prostate cancer development. By genome wide CHIP sequencing of ERG binding sites, it was found that in VCAP, a TMPRSS2/ERG fusion prostate cancer cell line, SOX9 expression was elevated by ERG binding to a SOX9 enhancer and SOX9 overexpression mimic phenotypes of ERG overexpression, which indicate SOX9 is a downstream effector of ERG. Therefore, she's actively identifying SOX9 target genes aiming to elucidate the function of TMPRSS2/ERG fusion in prostate cancer.

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AACR-Millennium Fellowships in Prostrate Cancer Research- 2014


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